Administration Team

Tracy C. Schmidt, MHA, FACHE
Executive Director/President

Melissa Lloyd
Director, Chief Financial Officer/ Corporate Compliance Officer

Team members:

Carolyn Larsen — Office Manager/Executive Assistant

Eileen Spencer — Administrative Assistant, Accounting Coordinator

Shirley Chinchen — Administrative Assistant, Payroll Coordinator

Julianne Wilde — Administrative Assistant, Receptionist

Donor Family Services Team

Karen Elizabeth Hannahs, LCSW
Director, Donor Family Services

Team members:

Jessie Robinson — Donor Family Services Liaison

Alana Fivas — Administrative Assistant, Donor Family Services

Human Resources Team

Teresa Aguiar

Teresa Aguiar, SHRM-CP, PHR
Manager, Human Resources/Occupational Health and Safety

Team members:

Katelyn Napier — Administrative Assistant, Human Resources/Training

Quality and Data Systems Team

Christy Tosney, RN
Director, Quality and Data Systems

Team members:

Camille Izatt — Quality Improvement Coordinator, Tissue Recovery

Clint Brown — Quality Improvement Coordinator, Organ Recovery

Julie Kelley — Quality Improvement Regulatory Specialist, Admin Asst

Vala Andersen — Administrative Assistant, Training and Development

Cindy Weatbrook — Administrative Assistant, Quality Services

Jake Young — Report Writer – Developer

Noel Slater — Data Integration Specialist

Professional Education/Hospital Services Team

Woody Marshall
Director, Professional Education/Hospital Services

Team members:

Amber Jones, RN, MSN — Hospital Services Specialist

Brian Beck — Hospital Services Specialist

Corbin Booth — Tissue Development Specialist

Public Education/Public Relations Team

Alex McDonald, MPA
Director, Public Education/Public Relations

Team members:

Dixie Madsen — Manager, Public Education/Public Relations

Rocio Mejia — Minority Outreach Specialist/Minority Family Support Specialist

Nona Lansbarkis — Administrative Assistant, Public Education

Clinical Team

Chuck Zollinger, RN, BS, CPTC
Director, Clinical Services

Organ Recovery Team

Paula Mark

Paula Mark, RN, BSN, CPTC
Manager, Organ Recovery

Team members:

Mike Ingraham, RN, BSN, CPTC — Team Lead, Organ Donation Coordinator

Amy Flynn, RN, BSN, CPTC — Clinical Specialist, Organ Donation Coordinator

Sara Bowman, RN, BSN, CPTC — Orientation Team Lead, Organ Donation Coordinator

Adam Sanovich, RN — Organ Donation Coordinator

Angela Ortega, RN, CPTC — Organ Donation Coordinator

Jill Richardson, RN — Organ Donation Coordinator

Michelle Aucoin, RN, BSN — Organ Donation Coordinator

Sara Angle, RN — Organ Donation Coordinator

Stephanie Sledge, RN, BSN, CCRN — Organ Donation Coordinator

LeNae Peavey-Onstad, MAPM, ACPE, BS — Family Support Coordinator

Jamie Newman — Administrative Assistant, Organ Team

Surgical Services Team

Justin Peterson, BS
Manager, Surgical Services

Team members:

Chris Carter — Preservation and Supply Specialist

Barbara Folau, CST, CTP — Surgical Recovery Coordinator

Henry Madson — Surgical Recovery Coordinator

Ben Dieterle — Supervisor, Transportation Coordinators

Tissue Recovery Team

Scott McDonald, RN, CTBS
Manager, Tissue Recovery/IT Manager

Team members:

Amber Petty, CTBS — Tissue Recovery Coordinator

Jake Finnerty, CTBS — Tissue Recovery Coordinator

Mike Ritucci — Tissue Recovery Coordinator

Rachel Ream, CTBS — Tissue Recovery Coordinator

Rob Dana, CTBS — Tissue Recovery Coordinator

Liz DeHart — Administrative Assistant, Medical Chart Coordinator

Tissue Referral Team

Maria Chavez-Maestas
Manager, Tissue Referral Specialist

Team members:

Amy Olive — Team Lead, Tissue Referral Specialist

Nichole Koop — Team Lead, Tissue Referral Specialist

Allison Johnson — Tissue Referral Specialist

Clark Jackson — Tissue Referral Specialist

Elizabeth Gill — Tissue Referral Specialist

Megan Gardner — Tissue Referral Specialist

Organizational Chart

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