Eagle Scout Project


Making people aware of the need for organ, eye and tissue donation, and then getting those people registered is an Eagle Project that can make a real difference. You might even be able to get a story in the newspaper about your project. For Information about how to start an Eagle Scout Project that will inform people about the importance of organ, eye, and tissue donation:

Click Here
Read the information to learn more about the project, then:

Call 801-478-7352 or email dixie@idslife.org

Organ Donor Awareness Patch

You and your scout troop can earn the Organ Donor Awareness Patch, while participating in an interesting and informative presentation. For more information, click here.

To schedule a presentation, call 801-478-7352 or email dixie@idslife.org.

Please determine 2 or 3 possible dates for the presentation and give us a few weeks notice so we can schedule a speaker.