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The DonorConnect Memorial Quilt is dedicated to the memory of all those who have given gift of life through organ, eye, or tissue donation. The quilt was started in 1997 by donor mom Judy Hunter in honor of her daughter Katie. Each memorial square of the quilt represents a life and tells a story. Each is made with love and special details such as a photograph, quote, or symbol of their loved one’s life. Although we are no longer adding squares to the quilt, if you would like to make a memorial square to be displayed on the website only, please email for more information. The quilt will continue to be a legacy of the lives lived and lives blessed by the donors.

Kailie Marie Jones Browning J Dane Hutchinson Patricia Robertson Darin Tedrick Matthew R Mingo Z5-4 Z Z7-1 Z Z7-2 Z Z7-3 Z Z7-4 Z Z7-5 Z Z7-6 Z Z8-1 Z Z8-2 Z Z8-3 Z Z8-4 Z Z8-5 Z Z8-6 Z Z8-7 Z Z8-8 Z Z8-9 Z Darrell Keith Sorensen Z9-2 Z Z9-3 Z Z9-4 Z Z9-5 Z Z9-6 Z Z9-7 Z Z4-5 Z Z4-6 Z Z4-7 Z Z4-8 Z Z4-9 Z Z5-1 Z Z5-2 Z Z5-3 Z Z3-3 Z Z3-4 Z Z3-5 Z Z4-1 Z Z4-10 Z Z4-2 Z Z4-3 Z Z4-4 Z Z11-8 Z Z11-9 Z Kevin Werelus Z12-2 Z Z12-3 Z Z2-1 Z Z3-1 Z Z3-2 Z Z10-1 Z Z11-1 Z Z11-2 Z Z11-3 Z Z11-4 Z Z11-5 Z Z11-6 Z Z11-7 Z Aaron Wendorf Z1-1 Z Z1-2 Z Z1-3 Z Z1-4 Z Z1-5 Z Z1-6 Z Z1-7 Z Kevin Jasperson Robert Kersh Vince Larsen Jordan L Poulos Michael Smith Andrew Stewart Donna Stockton Gary J Burt Shayla A Ford Nicolle Funk Jenaro Gonzales Jon P Hammarstrom Myron R Hammon Donny Jasperson Donna Peck Bell David J Beck Jonathon D Amadio Reese Ann Edwards Clayson Munford Matthew Charles Lynch Nathaniel Allen Larson Jonathan Dale Yahne Taycia Bertoch Samuel Adam Clark Brian Blockovich Dallin McKade Bacon Z13-1 Z Jenaro A. Gonzales Z13-3 Z Z13-4 Z Z13-5 Z Z13-6 Z Z13-7 Z Darrin Lee Boston Gail H. Pack Jaymon Clark Fox Kelly Kiggans Terry Parrish William Harrison Payne III Edward William Poel Clayton J. Jenkins Derek Grimsley Michele R. Schmidt Marlene Hanson Lorensen Robert Gary Cliff Drew Crone Launius

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