Steven C Eickhoff

Steven C Eickhoff

Steven Charles Eickhoff was born on November 22, 1967 in Nebraska City, NE. He died at home surrounded by his family on November 28, 2015. 

In 1990, Steve was fortunate enough to receive a life-saving and life-changing heart transplant. After a long recovery, he was able to finish his college degree, begin his career, get married, become a father and raise his family. In 1996, Steve received a kidney transplant, needed due to the anti-rejection medicines he took for the heart transplant.

Steve worked at Carol Wright Gifts for several years, which is where he met his wife, Lia.  He became disabled after a stroke, but at home he was able to help raise his daughter and step-children.

Some of Steve’s favorite things were family, playing the guitar, riding motorcycles, watching movies, hunting, reciting movie quotes, trivia games, playing cards with his nephew Luke, hanging out with his dog, Jack, Husker football and making people smile.

Steve’s proudest achievement was becoming a father to his daughter, Hallie.  He considered her a miracle baby after all of the health issues he struggled with and he so enjoyed watching her grow-up.

We will remember Steve as a charming, wise-cracking, gentle, loving, inspirational man. He was and is our hero.

Steve was able to experience the last 25 years of his life due to the selfless act of organ donation. It was important to him to give back in some related way, so at death, he donated his body back to the University of Utah Medical Center, where he received those life-saving transplants so many years before.  It is his hope that they will learn a tremendous amount from his donation about how to keep transplant recipients alive and healthy even longer than the 25 years that he received.  We are all grateful for the time we had with this special man and thankful to the families that endured a tremendous loss and still decided to help someone else through organ donation.