Serena Marie Baker

Serena Marie Baker

Serena’s smile would light up the room.

Serena was, is, and forever will be our little angel and though she be but little her heart is huge. Show showed unconditional love to everyone she came in contact with. She was small in size but had a giant personality. Her giggles were infectious. She always had a cheeky smile that drew you into her.

Serena found joy in everything – from romping and stomping around the house with her big brothers, to snuggling up on Daddy’s lap watching TV, or following Mommy in the kitchen. Her big, bright, piercing blue eyes were always inquisitive. She was eager to learn and to love. She enjoyed being busy watching the world around her. Playtime with her cousins was always special and fun. Being a petite little princess in a family of mostly boys meant she sometimes got dirty. She was a rough and tumble little thing. She loved to play with trains and dollies. Her happy spirit shined brightest when she was being her silly self.

Serena, our playful, sweet, girlie tomboy, spread sunshine everywhere she went. She truly brightened our lives.

The sound of Grandpa’s voice would bring the biggest smile to her face whenever she was sad. Grandma will miss those tiny arms spread wide, always wanting hugs. Her aunties and uncles, well, everyone really, will miss her sweet spirit and twinkling eyes.

Our lives have been blessed with the greatest gift – the gift of Serena. Our little angel will be missed. She has taken a piece of our hearts with her but she has not left our lives empty. Although this is terribly difficult, it reminds me to be grateful for the joy she brought us. She reminds me of what it feels like to be offered love freely and unconditionally. She brought us closer together. She reminds me that we need to love ourselves and adore life the way she did.

Serena was bright, creative and caring. I remember the first time I held her in my arms and looked into those beautiful eyes. You could recognize her light. You knew – you just knew – she was a special spirit, a beautiful daughter of our Father in Heaven.

Serena came into this world to be part of an eternal family and to experience joy and happiness. She has blessed our lives and made us all richer by knowing her. It brings peace to my heart to know and have an understanding that life is eternal and that families can be together forever.

Separation is still hard. It hurts down deep but it gives me hope. I know Heavenly Father knows each of us by name and understands what we are going through. I have faith in His plan for us and faith that our hearts will heal with his help, that this life is a short part of our eternal lives and that Serena may not be physically with us now but that she will eternally be part of us.