Ashley Marie Watson

Ashley Marie Watson

Ashley Marie Watson also known to us as 'Smash' was born June 24, 1987.

Ashley was and is a beautiful, strong, spunky daughter, sister, Aunt and friend. A friend to so many and a best friend to her family members.
Our gorgeous Ashley with a killer smile was truly loved by many! A common statement heard in these situations but in this case incredibly true! She was so full of life, silly, spunky, funny, smart and you always knew where she stood. She loved her Mom and Dad, brothers, sisters, nieces and nephews with every fiber of her being; they meant the world to her. One of her favorite things was being an Aunt. She was a bit of a tom-boy yet could rock a dress like a boss. She was always concerned for others and there when needed. She had a special bond with her sister Cara, that has Down Syndrome. Cara always referred to her as “Golly”. Ashley had a beautiful dog named Jasmine, that she loved very much.

She had her many challenges in life and made it through with a beautiful smile and contagious laugh. She would always say; “I’m going to tie my boots tight and hold my head high.” And that she did! Ashley had a strong loving soul. She was the happiest she has been in a long, long time and that we give thanks to the love of her life, Paul Jay.
We love and miss you “Smash” stay close.

It was incredible to see the true positive affect she had on so many people at the time of  her death. So many coming forward to express how much she had helped them in one way or another, in ways we never knew. We are so proud of her for that. The decision to donate was what Ashley would have wanted and there again an opportunity for her to help someone else.....

We love you so!