James W Daniels III

James W Daniels III

James W Daniels III was born April 2, 1964 the first son and 3rd child of 6 children.  Jimmy had 3 sisters Teri, Julie and Susan and 2 brothers Chris and Guy.  He would always say us kids are the true Brady Bunch.  Jimmy (as the family called him) was a happy child and this followed him into adulthood.  He had an infectious smile all the time no matter the situation good or bad, hard or easy he just kept his beautiful smile and contagious laugh.  We could always be comforted when Jimmy was around because of his smile and positive attitude in life. When someone would say something he knew not to be true he would just smile a half smile and say “OK” never calling them out.  Just his beautiful smile.

As a young child Jimmy lived on a farm with his family for a few years.  Jimmy loved the farm and the animals on the farm as it was his playground to run, play and be himself. He loved to take long walks on the property with all the animals. Jimmy was known for training the neighbors prize riding bull which did not make the neighbor happy.  One day when the neighbor came over he found Jimmy sitting on the bull petting and hugging the bull.  Jimmy would also loved to waddle in the mud with the pigs. He would get up to his neck in the mud with them and talk with them.  He loved the freedom of the farm and the animals and did not fear them. 

When Jimmy was a young teen he took to love cooking with his mother Arlene and grandmother Adeline.  They would make homemade Busquets, breakfast roles and invent different casserole’s together.  Jimmy spoke often of the love of cooking becoming a master at grilling dinner for his family. 

Jimmy put himself through mechanic school another dream achieved. He loved to work on vehicles and was great at it.

In Jimmy’s 20’s he married and began his family.  Jimmy had 6 children, 4 daughters Nicole, Ashley, Breana, Chelsea and 2 boys which he adopted as baby’s from the Marshal Island’s Dalton and Dillan.  It gave Jimmy true joy to spend time with his children as they were a large part of his world.  He always wanted a large family as he came from a large family and he was able to achieve that dream. 

Jimmy had a love of hunting or just being in the wild. He loved to be in the woods and wide open prairies just to be one with nature, the land and wildlife and the peace that it brought to his soul. 

In life Jimmy had a heart and soul of gold. Bring love, laughter compassion and joy to everyone.  Even when he was in pain he would never complain or ask for others assistance. A truly strong man to the end. He was always happy, smiling and working to do the same for others. Jimmy showed true dedication to his life by becoming an organ donor.  It brought him great comfort knowing he was able to help others even at the end of his journey of life.  He has always made his family and friends proud and in the end he made them even more proud.  He is so loved and will be missed dearly by so many.  We love you Jimmy and thank you for being the loving soul that you were.