Priscilla Morgas

Priscilla Morgas

Priscilla Morgas was born on August 04, 1975 to Lino and Evelyn Morgas, their first child. Three years later she became the older sister to another daughter named Yvonne. She had a bubbly and spitfire personality with the gift to make people smile. Her own smile was considered to be her best attribute; a smile that lit up every room she entered, with a beautiful grin, ear to ear.

Priscilla as a child was a Girl Scout, enjoyed camping and hunting, was a top softball player and skilled at playing the clarinet and saxophone. Some of her favorite hobbies were collecting The Simpsons characters, working at the Asylum Haunted House, a love for leisure hiking and even hiked the South Rim of the Grand Canyon.

One of her greatest accomplishment was becoming the mother of her two children Victoria and Noah. She was a very young mom, giving birth to Victoria as a teenager, graduated on schedule and continuing her studies and earning a certificate in cosmetology. Noah was born 9 years later and quickly became another joy and love in her young life.

While Priscilla is no longer here in person, we cherish her memory every day and have great joy knowing that the end of her life extended that of another.  We have said goodbye to our daughter, mother, sister, Tia, granddaughter, cousin and friend and have started to count the days until we meet again. We dedicate this poem to her and believe this is what she would tell us if she could.

My passing is not the end and my story will carry on

For I have woven memories in you; a reminder that I am not forever gone

Remember me for my beautiful smile and my endless giving back

Remember me for my stubbornness; for when you questioned why did she do that

Remember the times we had together and let this guide the way

I am alive in your mind and soul despite not being able to physically stay

Today my heart beats for another and while my breaths are no longer mine

I am living a new beginning, honored to have given someone more time

I am still alive in spirit; it just requires you have a different view

I am beside you, the one watching, protecting and always taking care of you

The day that we are officially together again, oh what a celebration it will be

But until that happens, know I am just here in heaven waiting patiently