Greg Stapp

Greg Stapp

No one can provide a glimpse into the life of Greg better than himself. Below is his self-written obituary.  

“After 8 years of a not-so-valiant fight with cancer, cursing the heavens, crying, ranting and raving, I died. There will be no viewing since the custom is morbid. I cannot understand why someone would dress a cadaver, put on rouge and lipstick, a suit and tie, perm the hair and then walk past, kiss it and whisper sincerely, “It looks just like Greg.” and then bury it six feet under the next day. In lieu of a viewing, just go kiss a rock. No funeral will be necessary because the following eulogy will suffice: I am a member of the human race, one of but 7 billion people struggling on this life’s sojourn. I don’t think I did a very good job but I sure did try. I used to be impressed by titles but I’m not one for the prestige given by men. I judge humans by their goodness and am impressed by good works, integrity, and uprightness.

Survived by those I love, my wife, my children, my blood, nieces and nephews, aunts and uncles,  my father & his wife, my brothers and sisters, grandchildren, neighbors, friends, acquaintances, colleagues, and those who work in clinic 2E. Preceded in death by my adored mother.

Circa 1969, blacked out on a cannabis high, sitting on the wings of a galactic butterfly came my greatest unveiling vision.  Upon the tremor of the wing, I perceived that time is motion. What do you think...Stephen Hawking?

In lieu of flowers, find a cure for cancer, legalize the use of medical marijuana, and give senior citizens the right to die with dignity. Hopefully the donation of my body to science will help generations to come and can assist in the search for a cure. I hate cancer.”