Look Out Houston, Here Comes Team Utah Idaho

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Team Utah IdahoAs the world watches the Games in Sochi, Russia, Team Utah Idaho is training for another type of Games. Similar to the Olympics, the Transplant Games of America will include an opening ceremony to highlight the athletes, but there will also be another, even more emotional ceremony the following day; the Donor Tribute, which gives recipients and their loved ones a chance to honor those individuals who gave them a second chance.

The Games will include events such as track and field, swimming, tennis, basketball and cycling. It also includes events such as cornhole (I had to look that one up), trivial challenge and Texas hold-em poker. By the way, the Games are in Houston, Texas, this year.

Let’s get inspired by the Games. Transplants save lives. Only about 47 percent of the adult population in the United States are registered organ donors. In Utah, about 71 percent of the adult population are registered donors, which is pretty good, but that also means almost 600,000 adults in Utah are not registered. Can we reduce that by a third in 2014 and get 200,000 more adults in Utah to register as organ donors? We can, but only with a lot of help. We need everyone who supports donation to encourage their family and friends to register. Supporters can use social media to spread the word. Can we build on the momentum of the Olympics and then the Transplant Games to move Utah up to the number one spot in the nation with regard to percent of adult population registered?

It is easy to register, using either a computer or a cell phone. Log on to www.yesutah.org and click “Register Now.”

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