Introductory Statement

It looks as though your family may have an opportunity that very few families have, to consider the option of donation.

One of the end-of-life decisions to be made concerns the possibility of organ and tissue donation. Someone can talk with you about it when you are ready.

Family reacts positively and asks for more information

I will find out when Intermountain Donor Services can meet with you. They are very experienced in supporting and helping families making these decisions.

Family reacts negatively to the mention of donation

Dark Red

I would like to suggest that you wait to make your decision until you have all of the information.

There are many ways Intermountain Donor Services can support you and help you through this time. I have worked with IDS before and you will not be pressured in any way.

I know it is upsetting to be thinking about donation, but many families tell us they are comforted by something good coming out of their tragedy.

I would recommend you speak with Inermountain Donor Services; they can answer your questions best.

IDS can help you with your questions, but the decision will be yours to make.

I understand this is a lot to take in so soon after you have learned about your loved one’s condition. I want to to encourage you to hear all of the information before you finalize your decision.

Family strongly declines meeting IDS staff

Only you know whether donation is right for your family, but we encourage you to have all the information before you finalize your decision.

This is your decision and no one will pressure you. You have a right to all of the information about donation.

Donation may not be your family’s first choice, but many families tell us later, that the decision to donate became a comfort. I would like you to know all of the information before you finalize your decision.

The decision to donate is an important event in the life of a family, whether you say yes or no. It will feel good to know you had all of the information when you finalized your decision.

Whether or not you choose donation Intermountain Donor Services, family support is available to assist you with your loss.